About Us


Our Mission

  Some businesses like to cite the Golden Rule for how they treat their customers; I believe in taking our cues from you….we will gladly greet you when you arrive, we will then look for your response to see if you prefer to get every detail, if you prefer to wander, or if you prefer some combination of the two - to treat you the way you want to be treated, to have an enjoyable experience, to want to return, and to want to tell all your friends that they must visit too! Please feel free to ask questions, and go ahead – try that piece on, it’s speaking to you for a reason!


Why Choose Us

  I LOVE JEWELRY! And you must too! How do I know? Hint, you are on a page about jewelry! I love all kinds of jewelry, from heirloom fancy pieces, to sentimental pieces, to fun costume jewelry. Each piece evokes an emotion, a memory, and plays off my mood and what I am doing. Whether the piece is one of a kind, or one of millions, each piece speaks to me, it has a special meaning to me. I wear my mother’s ring on her birthday, I wear my first ring from my husband on our Anniversary, I wear my charm bracelet with charms from vacations when I need a reminder that my life has been so full of memorable moments.

I want you too, to have pieces – whether they are fun pieces, upscale costume pieces, or fancy pieces - that when you look at them they remind you of a place and time that is special to you!

Come in, let us help you find that special piece that speaks to you!


What’s In A Name?

  Gemini Jewelry Designs was born in 2004 when I took a jewelry making class to make a pearl bracelet for my daughter’s birthday – her birthstone is Pearl. My son’s birthstone is a Pearl too. Mine is an Emerald. All three of us are Geminis!

As time passed, and I took more classes, and as I wore my pieces, I began getting requests to make special pieces for weddings, for Autism Awareness, and for Auctions that supported a variety of causes. People were really positive about the pieces I made, so I ventured out to doing craft shows – needing a Business name, I solicited my family and we came up with Gemini Jewelry Designs!


How Did I Get Here?

  As I mentioned above, I have had bountiful freedoms in my life; I have traveled all over the world, I have gone to schools with some top Professors of their fields, I have worked with some of the best minds in their industries, and most importantly I have the most amazing family! 

My husband, even though he is listed as Co-Owner states he is the support system – he is here to support my dream, to add his calm nature when I feel like there are a million things to do, and of course to add his Artistic abilities! My husband has always known what he wanted to do when he grew up – he always wanted to create Art. He is currently a High School Art Teacher, a Comic Book Artist (two books published so far, more to come…), and he will literally draw on any blank piece of paper that is nearby!  I was always envious of him, my path was never so clear to me, and so I bounced around to experience a variety of opportunities – but my soul was never really satisfied professionally, so I kept searching for what would fulfill me, somehow ignoring what was staring at me all along – my love of jewelry and ability to talk about it to anyone who would listen!

After facing multiple adversities in 2014, I did some soul searching to find my Joy! Conversations began about owning my own brick and mortar jewelry store. So, through a lot of research, looking at numerous locales, speaking with several entrepreneurs, and having a deep love of the beach – we decided Surf City was our new home for this adventure!